Coworksurf – A coliving and cowork space in Sagres


In our last blogpost we wrote about our favorite coworking spaces in Europe. One of them is Coworksurf in stunning Sagres, Portugal. Feeling inspired we had a little chat with Coworksurf to find out more about the beautiful coliving and coworking space…

What is Coworksurf?

Coworksurf is a coliving and coworking accommodation and work space for cool cats and digital nomad types who love beach life! We involve our guests in surf and yoga classes, as well as the local community at our locations. For us coliving adds a much deeper element to the remote working experience than just simply coworking alone. In Coworksurf we’re a friendship circle, an ideas factory, a support network but most of all, we’re a family!

Since when does Coworksurf exists and who founded it?

Joe Sharp and myself, Nick Mattia, founded CWS at the end of 2017. We opened the doors to our first guest, Ron Dod, in April 2018 and we’ve loved it since that first moment! We like to think of it as sharing our lives with tonnes of super talented, ambitious and interesting people, it’s just an extension of our own lifestyle.

How did the idea came up to run a place like this?

The long story involves a lots of surf sessions, our (Joe’s and mine) joint birthday party, shoe golf, a fishing trip and plenty of chats. Well that’s the short version of the long story.

For whom is Coworksurf interesting?

Everyone! Especially those who love travel, work and surf.


© Coworksurf

Do you have all kinds of digital nomads visiting or is there a special profession that is more common working as a freelancer?

We’ve had a bit of everyone, it’s perfect to anyone who is working remotely. Apart from the more obvious remote jobs, coders and digital marketeers per say, we’ve had documentary film makers, PhD students, authors, entrepreneurs and people with e-commerce businesses too.

How does Coworksurf work? Do you rent rooms or just offices or both? And how long can a stay be?

We offer coliving accommodation and coworking space because we really believe in the coliving aspect of digital nomad life. One big ‚pain point‘ of Digital Nomads life is loneliness or lack of quality and lasting friendships and coliving tackles this issue perfectly! We love coliving. Of course, we also invite people to just come and work on the coworking space if they want to. The first visit is free then you can pay daily, weekly or monthly. As with most CWS packages the longer you stay the cheaper it gets!

Are there any new Coworksurf places coming in the future?

We have Sagres (re-opening soon) and Canggu, Bali, now as permanent location. And who knows where next…?! We have an investment scheme so maybe you can be part of the CWS family!

Do you guys surf together after a day of work?

Oh yeah!! Joe and I go surfing together heaps. Whether it’s a super fun, mellow longboard session or overhead and barreling we’re out there together throwing shakas and whooping each other loads. Of course, we surf with as many as the guests as possible too! We love that. We make so many good friend along the way. It’s super rad. See you in the waves!


© Coworksurf

Thanks Coworksurf for the nice chat!

Find out more about Coworksurf!

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